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Welcome SBHS Parents and Guardians

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Bienvenidos Padres y Tutores de SBHS

En esta página, hemos proporcionado enlaces a folletos importantes y otros recursos. Comuníquese con nosotros si desea ver información adicional publicada aquí.

Student Work Permits

Work Permits:  Procedures & Policies from the CA Labor Law Manual

San Benito High School will issue California Work Permits as describes by the California Department of Education (CDE) and at the discretion and approval of the Superintendents Designated Administrator(s). Student work permits are required by all businesses employing minors between the ages of 13-17 years. It is solely within the discretion of the school district to determine whether a minor, who is still subject to the state’s compulsory education laws, may obtain a work permit and, therefore, be employed to work. Please visit the CDE website for frequently asked questions and multilingual documents. Minors employed in the state of California must have a Permit to Employ and Work (commonly referred to as a “work permit”). Work permits are typically issued by the school where the student is enrolled. Work permits indicate the duties and location where the work will be done as well as the number of hours a minor may work. In most cases it is a two-step process, the minor along with the parent/guardian and employer fill out the B1-1 form (Ca. Intent to Employ a Minor Form) and submit to the school local to the minor’s address. The school district reviews the B1-1 form and issues the B1-4 (CA Work Permit).

Process to obtain a WORK PERMIT:

  • The minor/student, after obtaining a promise of employment, shall obtain the “Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor and Request for a Work Permit – Certificate of Age” (CDE Form B1-1) from the school or the employer.
  • The minor must complete the “minor” section, request that the employer and parent complete their sections (making certain to obtain all three required signatures), and then return the completed form to the appropriate school authority, Student Services Admin.
  • The school’s authorized work permit issuer shall verify all information on the work permit to be issued. If all requirements are met, the authorized work permit issuer may issue the work permit (CDE Form B1-4).
    • The local school district or school has discretion to impose additional requirements for the issuance of a work permit. For instance, the school district may have a policy requiring the minor to maintain a 2.0 grade point average (GPA). In such a case, the work permit issuer would need to verify the student’s GPA.

STEP 1: Ca Intent to Employ Form Quick Link

DOCUSIGN: Ca Intent to Employ Form

  • Student will use thestudent school email address, and must have the parent and employer email addresses to complete this form in DocuSign.
  • Please click the link to open the form, the student should fill it out with the student full name, parents full name and email address, and employer name and email address,  Student will then hit sign now.
  • Once each person fills in their sections, and submits by hitting submit at the bottom, it comes directly to the admin office for processing.
  • Work permits are subject to review of every students current and past Attendance, Grades, Discipline Records, and Book Fines.
  • The Admin Review Team will review these items and then issue the work permit, the permit then comes to the student email via DocuSign, the student does not have a permit until the DocuSign permit has been signed.
  • Once the DocuSign permit has been signed by the studnet, a copy of the completed permit will be delivered to the parent and the Employer via email from DocuSign.

Questions or assistance, please call Kaycee Day at ext 172 during school hours or .

Once you click on the link, you should see this page…


Once you have completed all three sections: Your name and school email address, your parents anme and email address, your new employer with an email address, you press the Begin Signing button at the bottom or the top of the page.


Click Continue to complete your section of the STEP 1 FORM: Ca Intent to Employ Form. Complete your section at the top and hit Finish. The document will automatically arrive at your parents email address. Once they sign it and click finish, it will go to the employer, once the employer signs it, it comes into the school for Admin review and a Permit will be created and sent back to you via DocuSign for your signature. Once you sign the permit, the employer receives a copy along with your parents.


Parent University

Parent University welcomes all parents to join monthly workshops that inform parents on school programs, how to best support learning at SBHS, as well as hosts interactive opportunities to connect and engage with families in building a collaborative team for student success.
Visit the Parent University Website.

School Site Council 2020-21

Self-nomination Link

 The primary task of the School Site Council is to:

  • Update the Single School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)
  • Make effective decisions on the use of supplemental resources
  • Ensure that students have access to and success in the core program

Composition of a School Site Council

The principal plus representatives from the following groups:

  •  Parents and/or community members
  •  Classroom teachers
  • Students
  • One other school representative (usually a classified staff member)
  • The number of parents/community members and students must be equal to the number of school personnel.
  • Each category in the above composition of the Council must select its own members

SBHS is seeking interested people from the parent/community member category to SELF-NOMINATE for a position on the 2020-21 School Site Council. The ballot will be distributed for public availability and a Parent email  linking them to a Google Ballot Form. Parents and community members will be asked to vote electronically for their School Site Council representatives.

If you are a parent or community member interested in serving on the School Site Council, please use the “Self-nomination” link above. You may also contact the principal’s secretary, at 637-5831, ext. 172, e-mail address: by Friday, August 21, 2020.
Thank you for your interest in San Benito High School Site Council!

Welcome Back Packet

Below are links to the documents sent to parents and students in the summer or that are handed out on the first day of school. Click on each title to access the document:

Paquete de Bienvenida

A continuación hay enlaces a los documentos que enviamos a padres y estudiantes durante el verano o que se entregan el primer día de clases. Haga clic en cada título para acceder al documento: Parent Login Instructions...Coming soon

Click here for a .pdf explaining how to use the parent portal to view your students grades, attendance, and more.

Instrucciones de inicio de sesión para el Portal de Padres de  

la versión en español se publicará lo antes posible

Haga clic aquí para obtener un archivo .pdf que explica cómo usar el portal para padres para ver las calificaciones, asistencia y más de su estudiante.

Attendance/Checkout Process


Please call 831­-637­-0138 to report an absence. Leave a message containing the student’s ID number, name, and date of absence.


Por favor llame al 831-637-0138 para reportar una ausencia. Deje un mensaje que contenga el número de identificación del alumno, el nombre y la fecha de ausencia.

Checkout Process

San Benito High School staff encourages and values learning time; thus, checkouts shall be limited to dental or doctor appointments or family emergencies. Please see the Checkout Process handout for more details.

2019-20 ASB and Sports Brochures

 Associated Student Body and sports information, including about yearbooks, ASB Cards, Band and Choir, physical education clothing, P.E. lockers and online school meal pre-payment.

2019-20 ASB y Folleto de Deportes

de información del cuerpo estudiantil asociado e información deportiva, que incluye anuarios, tarjetas ASB, banda y coro, ropa de educación física, educación física, casilleros y prepago de comidas escolares en línea.

National School Lunch Program

Please click here to fill out the online form for the National School Lunch Program.