Counseling Staff


The Counseling Department supports the SBHS mission to ‚Äúeducate all students to their highest potential so they will have the greatest range of personal options upon graduation.”

Resources for Pre-Scheduling 2021-2022

Please read the attached letter regarding Prescheduling for 2021-2022

  • If your schedule includes an elective please¬†ONLY¬†include your¬†TOP¬†choice elective in the Academic Plan. Then please complete the attached¬†Elective Preference form¬†to list your top choice as Elective Choice #1 and then your alternates in order by preference.
  • Please feel free to view the presentation given to your classrooms again:¬†Classroom Presentation re Pre-Scheduling 21-22

Haybaler Supports will be offered at 12:30 p.m. on the day of your classroom presentation. Please attend at this link:

Meeting ID: 831 5930 4310 Passcode: Balers

Students and families are more than¬†welcome to set up an individual appointment with their counselor via our Calendly links (found on the last page of the classroom presentation and below), email or phone. We are here to help, please don’t hesitate¬†to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Transcript Requests

All current students may request IN PROGRESS transcript(s) through the Counseling Office: Email your current counselor for more information.

If a current student needs an official transcript please use the link here to request the record.

Seniors/graduates:¬†Will use Parchment for their Final Transcript(s) requests (link below). The office will put the request on hold until second semester grades are posted on the transcript and then mail them to the college(s) of the student’s choice.

Transcript request for SBHS graduates

To order Transcripts for San Benito High School use the Order Records button below. Transcripts are provided through Parchment. Watch the YouTube video below for instructions on how to use the Parchment ordering system.

Adult Education Transcripts

To order Transcripts for Adult Education use the link to the form below:

Diploma Requests

To order a copy of your Diploma use the link to the form below:

Paying for Your Transcript or Diploma

Pay Online With A Credit Card

If you have any further questions feel free to call Hermie Ybarra @ (831) 637-5831 ext. 110.

Adult Ed Transcript or Diploma Request

Call Hermie Ybarra, Counseling Clerk, ext. 110


We charge $5 for transcripts/$35 for diplomas (during the summer, we only accept cash or money orders made out to SBHS). We accept payment by cash, money order or check. Requests take 48 hours to process.

Mail checks made out to:

San Benito High School to San Benito High School
Attention: Transcript Request
1220 Monterey St.
Hollister, CA, 95023.

(Make check out to San Benito High School.)

Payment may also be made by someone else in cash at the Counseling Office (located in the main buildings behind the two glass doors on the left), but a written note is required giving that person permission to pick up the transcript, A photo ID is required. You may scan your driver’s license and fax it to 831-630-5845 or email it to .

Additional questions? Contact Hermie at 831-637-5831, ext. 110 or Registrar Miriam Mendoza at extension 112.

Meet the Counseling Team

Lorena Fernandez, Counselor (Oma-R)
Fernandez, Lorena
Counselor (Oma-R)
Phone: 831-637-5831 Ext. 127
Irma Lozano, Counselor (Gar-Leb)
Lozano, Irma
Counselor (Gar-Leb)
Phone: 831-637-5831 Ext. 109
Nydia Martinez, Counselor (A-Cas)
Martinez, Nydia
Counselor (A-Cas)
Phone: 831-637-5831 Ext. 117
Tim Pipes, Counselor (S-Z)
Pipes, Tim
Counselor (S-Z)
Phone: 831-637-5831 Ext. 128
Andrew Prisco, Counselor (Lec-Olv)
Prisco, Andrew
Counselor (Lec-Olv)
Phone: 831-637-5831 Ext. 467
Samantha Rivas, Intervention and Support Counselor
Rivas, Samantha
Intervention and Support Counselor
Phone: 831-637-5831 Ext. 114
Tiffany Ventresca-Cotter, Counselor (Cat-Gao)
Ventresca-Cotter, Tiffany
Counselor (Cat-Gao)
Phone: 831-637-5831 Ext. 116